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The Advantages of booking direct:


The Best Deal
The Best Rooms
The Best Choice
A Better Stay



For a fairer deal for everyone

Book Direct

Whether you are looking for a hotel, a B&B or a holiday cottage, BOOK DIRECT

BestRoomsDirect.com is a collection of fiercely independent places to stay who all believe that you will get the best from us if you BOOK DIRECT.

For the best deals
You'll get a better deal when you BOOK DIRECT because remember the best deal isn't just about price - it's about choice, service and experience too.

For the best choice
We don’t always list all our rooms & dates on third party sites so you'll only be assured the best choice when you BOOK DIRECT

For the best service
When you BOOK DIRECT we can understand your exact requirements and deliver exactly what you want, from a bed with no end if you're very tall, hypo allergenic bedding, a particular dietary need to a arranging a special occasion with the perfect coloured bouquet or a specific room request.

For the best experience
We want you to have more than just a stay away from home, when you BOOK DIRECT you can start to enjoy your trip right from the moment you book knowing that you are being looked after personally by your host.

Global online travel agents and daily discount & voucher sites are to independent places to stay what supermarkets are to the independent high street. They take up to 25% of the price you pay in commission and often don't pay tax in the UK.

When you BOOK DIRECT, you not only get a better experience yourself, you also support independent businesses and their local economies – their suppliers, builders, plumbers, joiners, decorators and staff.


We aren’t just another booking site, we're here to point you towards any of our selection of places to stay, so you can BOOK DIRECT.

So go on … BOOK DIRECT for a fairer deal for everyone!